Agenda 2016

7:30  Registration

8:40  Opening Performance

8:50  Official Welcome

9:05  Keynote address: MTN Business

9:20  A View From The Top: Lessons In Leadership 

10:05  Networking Break

10:30  Spin-off Success: Carolyn Steyn, Founder of 67 Blankets

10:45  Panel Discussion - Marketing To Millennials: Redefining Strategies

11:15  Empowering With Tech: Jeanette Theu, Founder of Girlcode

11:30  Panel Discussion - What's Trending For Generation Y: A Conversation With Our Cover Stars

12:00  Lunch Break

13:30  Talk: Practicing Mindfulness  

13:45  Panel Discussion: Disrupting And Revolutionizing Industries

14:15  Talk: Stitching Together Lives And Fashion In Liberia

14:30  Panel Discussion: The Female Millennial: How Are They Reshaping The Workforce?

15:00  Stand up Comedy: If I had 10 minutes To Change The World…

15:30  Networking Break

16:00  AV: Leading Women Summit

16:15  Talk: Goodbye Stress, Welcome Success

16:30  Panel Discussion: Millennials And Money: Spending It Or Giving Back?

16:55  Closing Remarks

17:00  Cocktail Reception